The Grand Mountain Range, along with The Lost Jungle, remains one of the final unexplored portions of The Gypsy Coast. That is not to say many haven’t tried to conquer it's peaks, only that those who have, have failed.  On the clearest of days the peaks of The Grand Mountain Range can be seen from all ends of The Gypsy Coast.  Every year thousands of adventurers and explorers set off for the base of the mountains only to never be heard from again. Stories are told of them and songs are sung from Harbor Town to Coastal County, from Smuggler’s Cove to The Northeast Kingdom, of what strange fates await those who venture into the mountains. The Grand Mountain Range is a place so feared that many refuse to ever utter it's name, so fabled every child grows up hearing tall tales and yet a place so revered that many consider it ‘the last great adventure.’